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Experienced Process Servers with no less than 5 years experience

Documents such as time sensitive rush jobs, stakeouts, serving to jails and prisons.

We Specialize in delivering hard to serve legal

Special Bulk Rates for Law Firms - Trusted and Dependable.

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Choosing a Process Server in Hannibal, Palmyra, and Marion County Missouri

At Serve Legal Docs, we understand the importance of finding a dependable and honest process server in Hannibal to serve your legal documents in a timely fashion. Our process is simple and affordable for you. We are confident that you will be glad that you did business with us.

Experienced Hannibal MO Process Server

At Serve Legal Docs, we take our job seriously. Our staff of process servers all have a minimum of 5 years experience. By setting this standard of minimum required experience, it ensures our process servers have been through the ropes on serving legal documents, and know how to avoid common pit falls resulting in a higher and faster success rate with less attempts needed.

A Process Serving Team You Can Trust

The Founder of Serve Legal Docs is truly one of the most knowledgeable, certified and qualified members of the Process Server community in Missouri. Serve Legal Docs began in Arizona where it is approved by the Arizona Supreme Court to train new process servers. Additionally, we have been authorized by the Marion County 10th Circuit Court to serve process in Missouri. With this type of certification, you can be assured you are using a reputable, dependable, and extremely knowledgeable process server firm to get the job done right per the laws of the State of Arizona and Missouri.

Process Server Specializing in Hard to Serve Circumstances

One may think, how hard can it be to deliver legal documents for clients. The reality is it can be difficult at times depending on the circumstances. This is when you really need an experienced process server to implement due diligence and deliver your legal documents as fast as possible. Our process servers specialize in time sensitive deliveries, stakeouts, serving at jails and prisons.


Process Server for Marion County Attorneys and Law Firms
Serve Legal Docs in MO

We pride ourselves in being one of the most dependable & affordable process serving companies in Marion County Palmyra Missouri.  Our professional approach and success rate of delivery has earned us trust among Law Firms in Palmyra and Hannibal. When working with your Law Firm we will keep you posted on our progress, implement due diligence in delivering your legal documents, and complete all the necessary paper work as required. We offer special flat rates to Law Firms and Attorneys for documents needing to be served anywhere in Marion County. If you were given a quote cheaper, we will match it.


Simple Steps for Service of Legal Documents

1. Call us today to discuss your process serving needs

2. Meet with a process server near you to pick up documents that need to be served.  You can also scan and email, or fax the documents. Pay for services at this time.

3. Your documents will be out for service within 24 hours of us obtaining the documents.

4. We notify you that your documents are served.

5. We prepare a declaration of service and file it with the court promptly.

6. A filed copy of the declaration of service is emailed to you.


rush service serve legal docs same day in Missouri

Rush Same Day Service Process Server

In some instances, there is a need for legal documents to be served on a RUSH basis. Some documents need to be served 2-20 days prior to the court date.  Our process server firm will put your document on the top of the route for the day.  We will attempt to serve your documents within hours of obtaining them.  Additional fee is required.

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Major Credit Cards Accepted.

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