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Service of Process for State of Arizona.

Service of Process is the common term for the legal document by which a lawsuit is started and the court asserts its jurisdiction over the parties and the controversy. The role of a process server is to provide notice that all parties involved. A summons and complaint, contains the plaintiff's allegations of wrongdoing by the defendant and the legal remedy sought by the plaintiff. The summons also informs the defendant that he has a specified number of days under law to respond to the summons and complaint. Process must be properly served on all parties in an action. Anyone who is not served is not bound by the decision in the case.

Our Process Servers will Provide Notice to get your Court Case in Action

We will Make (4) Attempts to Serve your Legal Documents

Our Process Servers Abide All Laws to Serve Your Legal Documents

Specializing in hard to serve legal documents

Time sensitive rush jobs, stakeouts, serving to jails and prisons.

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Legal documents included in Service of Process.

Child Support Notices

Injunction against Harassment

Subpoena Duces Tecum

Order to Show Cause

Order to Appear Subpoena


Rental Notice


Small Claims Civil Summons & Complaint

Order of Protection

Writ of Garnishment

Petition for Supplemental Proceedings

What are the restrictions for Service of Process for Arizona?

Process Servers are authorized to serve legal documents anywhere in Arizona. The only exception to this is the Indian Reservations.  Process Servers do have to abide by all laws including trespassing.  Service of process can be done at all hours.

Number attempts we make to serve your legal documents.

Our Process Servers will make 4 attempts to serve your legal documents.  These attempts will include a morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend attempt.  In most circumstances our process servers are successful in serving documents on the first or second attempt.  After completing 4 attempts, we complete a declaration of attempted service.  The client can then use this declaration to request an alternate method of service from the court.  We will always serve your approved alternate method of service for free!

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